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[empserver] / include / empobj.h
2021-01-23 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2021-01-05 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2018-04-29 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterMerge branch 'readline'
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterempobj: Drop unused get_empobj_mob_max()
2017-07-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2015-02-28 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterunit: Drop ulist member chrp
2014-02-16 Markus ArmbrusterRemove option TREATIES
2014-01-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2013-01-12 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2012-06-10 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterVerify table uid sanity more tightly
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterRename obj_nameof() to unit_nameof() and move to unitsub.c
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterRemove unused get_empobj_chr()
2011-04-14 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2011-04-14 Markus ArmbrusterClean up superfluous include of news.h in empobj.h
2011-04-12 Markus ArmbrusterLicense upgrade to GPL version 3 or later
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRearrange struct sctstr slightly to expose commonalitie...
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterGeneration numbers to catch write back of stale copies
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStore sequence numbers more compactly
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStore uids as int to support more sectors and units
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRecord news more compactly
2009-02-08 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2008-09-18 Markus ArmbrusterFix trailing whitespace
2008-05-17 Markus ArmbrusterAdd sequence numbers to game state
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterPut a timestamp into struct emptypedstr
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterRename emp_obj_chr_name() to empobj_chr_name()
2008-03-05 Markus ArmbrusterInitialize ef_type and uid automatically in ef_extend()
2008-03-05 Markus ArmbrusterExtend the common header of struct empobj to include uid
2008-02-26 Markus ArmbrusterDefine common get/put macros for empobj
2008-02-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix put_empobj() for types other than units
2008-02-26 Markus ArmbrusterMake sector types signed
2008-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2007-07-14 Markus ArmbrusterNew Empire table game, to be used for global stuff:
2007-01-09 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice.
2006-08-18 Ron Koenderink(empobj_chr): New, create a new (imcomplete) structure for
2006-07-26 Ron Koenderink(get_empobj_mob_max): Switch ef_type to type to be...
2006-07-26 Ron Koenderink(get_empobjp): New. Returns a pointer an empobj.
2006-07-24 Ron Koenderink(get_empobj_mob_max): New. Return maximum mobility...
2006-07-20 Ron Koenderink(put_empobj): New. Put generic empobj into the appropr...
2006-07-10 Ron Koenderink(obj_nameof): New.
2006-07-10 Markus ArmbrusterBreak inclusion cycle: prototypes.h and commands.h...
2006-07-08 Ron KoenderinkCorrect file name in the comments to match the actual...
2006-07-07 Ron Koenderink(nxtitemp, trade_getitem, trade_desc, trade_check_item_...