fairland: Tidy up comments
[empserver] / man /
2021-01-19 Markus Armbrusterfairland: Fix island growth and correct its bias
2021-01-05 Markus Armbrusterman/fairland: Fix typos, polish markup, clarify text
2021-01-05 Markus Armbrusterfairland: Drop option -o
2021-01-05 Markus Armbrusterfairland: Drop option -a
2017-08-12 Markus Armbrusterman/fairland: Don't explain the default seed value
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterMerge branch 'readline'
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterclient: Support $if Empire in .inputrc
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterman/empire: Explain restricted mode a bit better
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterclient: Enable history file by default unless -r
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterclient: Tie up a few lose readline ends
2017-08-06 Martin Haukeliclient: Add readline support to empire client
2015-12-13 Markus Armbrusterman/empire: Trim unwanted space in synopsis
2015-03-08 Markus Armbrusterman: Get rid of unwanted space in SYNOPSIS
2015-03-08 Marisa Giancarlaclient: New option -r for restricted mode
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterempdump: Omit redundant data from export, new -c includ...
2013-06-09 Markus Armbrusterfairland.6: Belatedly drop reference to ore
2013-05-26 Markus ArmbrusterPut URIs and e-mail addresses in <angle brackets>
2011-12-29 Markus ArmbrusterFix empire(6) synopsis for argument of -s
2011-07-10 Markus ArmbrusterNew server option -F to force start even when state...
2011-04-12 Markus ArmbrusterLicense upgrade to GPL version 3 or later
2010-05-09 Markus ArmbrusterChange how client option -s interprets ':'
2010-05-09 Tom Dickson-HuntNew client option -s to specify server host and port
2010-03-27 Markus ArmbrusterDocument empire options -h and -v in manual page
2010-03-27 Markus ArmbrusterContract empire options in manual page synopsis
2010-03-27 Markus ArmbrusterSort empdump options in manual page synopsis
2008-04-21 Markus ArmbrusterNew server option -E to choose what to do on oops
2008-04-07 Ron KoenderinkFix emp_server manual page synopsis for Windows
2008-03-17 Markus ArmbrusterChange empdump syntax
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterSet timestamp automatically on write
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterNew utility program empdump
2008-02-17 Markus ArmbrusterClean up trailing whitespace-space in manual pages
2008-02-07 Markus ArmbrusterFix title and section header in manual pages
2008-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix empsched's name in its manual page
2007-12-22 Markus ArmbrusterClarify -2.
2007-10-23 Ron Koenderink(main, init_server, emp_server.6): Add -R command line...
2007-09-02 Markus ArmbrusterRewrite for clarity and correctness.
2007-09-02 Markus ArmbrusterFix the previous revision.
2007-07-27 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate AUTHORS.
2007-07-13 Markus ArmbrusterNew utility program empsched.
2007-07-11 Markus ArmbrusterNew update scheduler:
2007-07-11 Markus ArmbrusterFix markup. Reorder so that options appear in alphabet...
2007-07-11 Markus ArmbrusterInstall all manual pages in section 6, where they belon...
2006-06-14 Markus ArmbrusterDocument signal use. Since Windows lacks real signals...
2006-01-22 Markus ArmbrusterBelatedly rename emp_client.6 to empire.6, to match...
2005-05-27 Markus ArmbrusterClient UTF-8 support.
2005-03-25 Ron Koenderink(): Remove -e from the list of no parameter options...
2005-03-25 Markus ArmbrusterDocument Windows usage. Since this is useless and... v4.2.20
2005-03-22 Markus ArmbrusterRemove .UC; we're not be part of BSD.
2005-03-16 Markus Armbruster(main): Rev. 1.43 broke option -D. Its meaning in...
2005-03-16 Markus Armbruster(main): Fix -p to imply -d as documented, not just...
2004-12-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix spelling of daemon, for crying out loud!
2004-12-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix typesetting of option arguments.
2004-12-21 Markus ArmbrusterReally fix typesetting of option arguments.
2004-12-21 Markus ArmbrusterMove arguments behind options in the synopsis.
2004-12-21 Ron KoenderinkExplain that -s and -p imply -d.
2004-12-20 Ron KoenderinkChange -2outfile to -2 outfile for both empire.6 and...
2004-12-19 Ron Koenderink(main, termio): Add the ability to set the username.
2004-03-23 Markus Armbruster(rnd_seed, main, parse_args, allocate_memory): New...
2004-03-09 Markus ArmbrusterNew option -f.
2004-03-09 Markus ArmbrusterUtility programs `land', `ore' and `perfect' haven...
2004-01-30 Markus ArmbrusterRemove outdated version information for now. Keeping...
2004-01-30 Markus ArmbrusterProtect space between option and option arg, so that...
2003-08-23 Markus ArmbrusterImport of Empire 4.2.12 v4.2.12