2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusterretreat: Rewrite automatic retreat code to fix its...
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Test mission clearing more thoroughly
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Cover spies
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Cover trains
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Cover canals
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Cover ships and land units on sale
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusterretreat: Don't report a destroyed ship/land unit couldn...
2015-03-02 Markus ArmbrusterRevert "retreat: Don't report a destroyed ship/land...
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Improve group retreat coverage
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Put some targets in separate locations
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Drop unused minefields
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/retreat: Clean up setup, improve comments
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests: Normalize setup.journal.log and setup.server.log
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusteredit: Fix tech and range adjustment for edit p key 'T'
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustertests/actofgod: Test plane type change's effect on...
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustersubs: Inline shp_stays(), lnd_stays()
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusternavigate march: Stop on non-fatal mine hits, too
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustersubs: Rename unit_path() to unit_move_route() and move it
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustersubs: Rename shp_nav(), lnd_mar()
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusternavigate march: Fix use-after-free and other bugs
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustersubs: Move shared code from navi.c to subs
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusternavigate march: Fix "same mob type" and "not on sale...
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrusternavigate march: Wipe mission and retreat orders less...
2015-03-02 Markus Armbrustermarch: Give up fortification only on actual move or...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Factor lnd_may_mar() out of lnd_mar()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Factor shp_may_nav() out of shp_nav()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Clean up direction code range checks
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterbomb fire launch torpedo: Don't disclose ship sinking...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustertorpedo: Fix mobility cost of retreat after hit
2015-02-28 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2015-02-28 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterempmod: Fix usage string of retreat and lretreat
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterinfo/retreat info/lretreat: Fix and clean up
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterinfo/lretreat: Resync with retreat.t
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterinfo/retreat: De-document retreat condition help
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Report where exactly ships and land units sweep...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Drop contains_engineer(), lnd_find_capable()...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusternavigate march: Nicer error messages for sub-command 'm'
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch attack assault: Hit mines like ships do
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Factor lnd_check_one_mines() out of lnd_check_mines()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch: Fix 'm' not to leave engineer without mobility...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch attack assault: Don't sweep with zero mobility
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterunit: Drop ulist member chrp
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterinfo/mission: Correct land unit missile interdiction...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterinfo/navigate: Correct and clarify
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterinfo/march: Correct and clarify
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Clean up convoluted logic in lnd_mar_one_sector()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Clean up convoluted logic in shp_nav_one_sector()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusternavigate: Don't disclose whether unfriendly canal is...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Drop unit_path() parameter together
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusternavigate march: Drop do_unit_move() parameter together
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusternavigate: Require all ships to start in the same sector
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch: Require all land units to start in the same...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Drop has_units() parameter lp, it's always null now
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch: Check for sector abandonment before anyone marches
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Move sector abandonment functions to control.c
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustergen: New emp_quelen(), replacing open-coded counting...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Add unitsatxy() parameter only_count
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch: Don't scatter land units on crossing border
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Make shp_check_nav() more like lnd_check_mar()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustermarch: Don't permit trains to march out of sectors...
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Factor lnd_check_mar() out of lnd_mar_one_sector()
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Don't hardcode impassable sector types
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusternavigate: Don't scatter ships on canal entry
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersubs: Give shp_nav_put(), lnd_mar_put() internal linkage
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrustersail: Remove option SAIL
2015-02-28 Markus Armbrusterautonav: Remove the feature
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusternavigate: Fix buffer overrun for impossibly long paths...
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests/navi-march: New; exercises navigate and march...
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests: New helper customize
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests/fire: Drop a stale comment
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterdoc/econfig: Belatedly drop paragraph on holes in tables
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Polish error messages
2015-02-01 Markus ArmbrusterClean up extra semicolon after block
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterempdump: Omit redundant data from export, new -c includ...
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterfile: New ef_typedstr_eq(), factored out of obj_changed()
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterfile: Rename struct emptypedstr to ef_typedstr
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Permit omitting non-trailing realms
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Permit omitting non-trailing sectors
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Eliminate global cur_obj
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Code motion to clean up after previous commit
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Don't require ID field to come first
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Eliminate global may_trunc, may_omit_id
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Permit omitting trailing sectors and realms
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Support splitting any table
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterxundump: Report all missing fields, not just first one
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusternsc: Turn NSC_HIDDEN into a flag
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusternsc: Reject array selectors in conditions
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusternsc: Turn common patterns into CA_IS_ARRAY() and CA_ARR...
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusternsc: Rename nstr_exec_val() to nstr_eval() and tighten...
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests/empdump: New; exercising the empdump utility
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests: New helper cmp_out1
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests/files tests/fairland: Check stderr and exit status
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests: Fix missing local in feed_files and cmp_out
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests: Simplify running cmp_out more than once
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests: Feed only logs and xdump to normalize.pl
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrustertests: Define and use some abbreviations
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterfile: Provide EF_WITH_CADEF_MAX_ENTRY_SIZE to clean...
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterplayer: Drop long-disabled code to resolve IP addresses
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusternat: Deprecate selector hostname, fix value to ""