2010-04-07 Markus ArmbrusterFix test for capability engineer in lnd_hit_mine() hvy-plastic-2 hvy-plastic-2.3
2010-03-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix test for capability sweep in shp_hit_mine() hvy-plastic-2.2
2010-03-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix interdiction not to wipe out target ship updates
2010-03-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix navigate and march not to lay mines free of charge
2010-03-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix navigate and march not to prompt for number of...
2010-03-21 Markus ArmbrusterNuclear-tipped missile exploding on launch could not...
2010-03-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix news for torpedo attack's return torpedo
2010-03-10 Markus ArmbrusterInterdiction attacked submarines with surface-only... hvy-plastic-2.1
2010-03-10 Markus ArmbrusterFix unsafe use of shared buffers in commands drawing...
2010-03-10 Markus ArmbrusterGeneration numbers didn't catch all potential yields...
2010-02-06 Markus ArmbrusterChange fairland not to reject small worlds without... hvy-plastic-2.0
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterDocument fortress maintenance cost in info Hvy-Plastic
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate game name and URL for Hvy Plastic 2 in info...
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterDocument server time in info Hvy-Plastic
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterNew info Hvy-Plastic
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterChange fairland island size probability distribution
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterMake fairland record the island number in the deity...
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix recipient thread in output journal
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix journalling of output ids
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterJournal output lines instead of chunks
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterNew journal event output
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterNew journal event command
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate change log again for 4.3.24 v4.3.24
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix generation numbers for order command
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterNormalize order's reaction to bad input
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterGet third argument of "order l" the ordinary way
2010-01-26 Markus ArmbrusterClean up dead code in orde()
2010-01-25 Ron KoenderinkFix windows client not always exiting
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate change log for 4.3.24
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterClean up dead stores
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix navigate/march crash on funny path arguments
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix player_login() not to print null pointer
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterClean up useless getnatp() in conv(), nav_map(), tele()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMove -h to the end of the emp_server -h output
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMake empire, empsched and files catch extra operands
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMake empire and files not print usage on bad option
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix lwpReschedule()'s assertion "have runnable thread"
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterDeclare cant_listen() noreturn
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMake CANT_HAPPEN() more obvious for static analysis
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix getpath() not to crash when path exceeds MAX_PATH_LEN
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix oops on escort, recon, and launch of satellite
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix trailing whitespace
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStop ship and land unit movement on interdiction with...
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterClean up poorly chosen loop control variable names
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterSimplify perform_mission()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRemove struct genlist member cp
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRemove perform_mission_land(), perform_mission_ship...
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterSplit up perform_mission()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMake lnd_mission_interdiction() apply damage
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterNew lnd_mission_interdiction()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterNew shp_mission_interdiction()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix att_reacting_units() to initialize ulist member eff
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterSimplify ask_olist and get_dlist() not to re-read land...
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRemove get_land() parameter uid
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterInline get_land()'s "first time" case into its callers
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterDrop last parameter of shp_hit_mine() and lnd_hit_mine()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterSimplify use of shp_missile_interdiction()
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMake empdump call ef_close() regardless of -n
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRearrange struct sctstr slightly to expose commonalitie...
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterNarrow struct sctstr member sct_mobil to char
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMake struct sctstr member sct_effic signed
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStreamline fortgun()'s efficiency comparison
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix sloppy sanity check for mobility going negative...
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterGeneration numbers to catch write back of stale copies
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStore sequence numbers more compactly
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStore uids as int to support more sectors and units
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix new_seqno()'s recovery from seqno mismatch
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRecord news more compactly
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterNew news selector duration
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRevert "Get rid of struct newscache"
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterRemove unused members of struct lndstr, lonstr, nukstr...
2009-12-31 Markus ArmbrusterConsistently use int for sector and unit uid parameters
2009-12-29 Markus ArmbrusterConsistently use int for file type parameters and locals
2009-12-29 Markus ArmbrusterConsistently use int for mission type parameters
2009-12-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix launch not to wipe out target sector updates
2009-12-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix launch not to wipe out target ship updates
2009-12-26 Markus ArmbrusterBump version to 4.3.24
2009-12-14 Markus ArmbrusterFix nightly build v4.3.23
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate change log for 4.3.23
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterBelatedly update make dependencies for standalone clien...
2009-12-13 Ron J KoenderinkDon't patch constants.c for nightly, use econfig
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix info navigate on missile interdiction targets
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix info Mobility not to claim missions get a bonus
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterMake transport chopper not light
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix messages in msl_launch()
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterDon't intercept tactical and marine missiles targeting...
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix and enable collateral damage for missing missiles
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterNews reported victim as actor for sub-launched anti...
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterClarify how perform_mission() uses missiles
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterRefactor missile interception code
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix defense value of intercepted missiles and satellites
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix missiles interdicting ships outside range or op...
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterGet rid of msl_launch_mindam()
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterSimplify control logic in msl_intercept()
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterDon't attempt to hide owner of sub-launched satellite
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterFix typo in info Selector
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterMove msl_equip() to callers, internal linkage
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterMove "Releasing RV's" message into detonate()