Add a game state log dumping facility that produces a (load)able sexpr-log.
[eow] / setup.lisp
2012-01-05 Gerd Flaigadapt to new hunchentoot version
2009-11-02 Gerd FlaigSwitch back to asdf
2009-10-28 Gerd FlaigDocument asdf setup
2009-04-16 Gerd FlaigEnable hunchentoot logging
2009-03-22 Gerd FlaigAdapt to hunchentoot 1.0 API
2009-03-22 Gerd FlaigAdd mudballs definition
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaiguse slime debugger
2008-12-21 Gerd Flaigremember server on startup
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd setup file