Put tests in separate system
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2010-11-01 Gerd FlaigRemove firebug-lite
2010-05-10 Gerd FlaigEnsure focus on input field
2010-05-09 Gerd FlaigscrollMaxY is not defined in Chrome
2010-02-27 Gerd FlaigSimple selenium testrunner + a test case
2009-11-08 Gerd FlaigUse scrollIntoView instead of scrollMaxY
2009-08-23 Gerd FlaigUpdate: retry on timeout
2009-08-23 Gerd FlaigReplace Dojo with jQuery
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigSend updates in chunks
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigMake prompt stand out some more
2009-01-01 Gerd FlaigAdd logging package. Handle flush prompts.
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaighigher output density
2008-12-21 Gerd Flaigreplace dojo byId by own version
2008-12-21 Gerd FlaigWrite command to terminal output. Scroll to bottom...
2008-12-21 Gerd FlaigRemove carriage return at end of default prompt
2008-12-20 Gerd Flaigremove key event logging (bogs down performance)
2008-12-20 Gerd Flaigensure session
2008-12-14 Gerd FlaigInitial working command line
2008-11-29 Gerd FlaigForward prompt to browser
2008-11-29 Gerd FlaigAdd thread safe queue. Use to push updates to client.
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd basic Ajax test
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd Dojo 1.1.1