2010-02-27 Gerd FlaigSimple selenium testrunner + a test case
2010-02-22 Gerd Flaigtest setup
2010-01-13 Gerd FlaigNotes and ideas
2009-11-08 Gerd FlaigFix dumping for tables without uid
2009-11-08 Gerd FlaigSkip meta table when dumping all tables
2009-11-08 Gerd FlaigUse scrollIntoView instead of scrollMaxY
2009-11-02 Gerd FlaigSwitch back to asdf
2009-11-01 Gerd FlaigAdd some random notes
2009-10-28 Gerd FlaigDocument asdf setup
2009-10-27 Gerd FlaigUpdate system definition
2009-10-10 Gerd FlaigNote down some ideas jquery
2009-10-10 Gerd FlaigExtend driver to dump all tables.
2009-10-10 Gerd FlaigRecord test recipe
2009-10-10 Gerd FlaigExtract get-table from get-table-entry. Maintain fill...
2009-08-29 Gerd FlaigFix xdump driver
2009-08-29 Gerd FlaigStart integration of xdump with protocol
2009-08-29 Gerd FlaigFirst working complete xdump parser
2009-08-23 Gerd FlaigUpdate: retry on timeout
2009-08-23 Gerd FlaigReplace Dojo with jQuery
2009-08-14 Gerd FlaigComment class stub
2009-07-21 Gerd FlaigFinish meta meta parsing, start with table of tables
2009-07-21 Gerd FlaigMOP experiment
2009-07-21 Gerd FlaigTable off tables xdump output
2009-06-30 Gerd Flaigstart xdump-mode
2009-06-30 Gerd Flaigxdump package
2009-06-30 Gerd Flaigxdump notes
2009-06-28 Gerd FlaigHumble beginnings of an xdump parser
2009-06-27 Gerd FlaigEnsure there actually was an element in the queue to...
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigAdd minimal installation instructions
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigDisable #. in prompt reader net oxygen/master oxygen/net
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigIgnore data messages in init mode. Handle simple-stream...
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigCorrect protocol handling in login phase
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigSend updates in chunks
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigThrow error on unknown event type
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigAdd dequeue-all method
2009-04-26 Gerd FlaigAllow atomic mode switching in the sender
2009-04-16 Gerd FlaigEnable hunchentoot logging
2009-04-16 Gerd FlaigKill stale update thread
2009-03-22 Gerd FlaigAdd notes on COMET
2009-03-22 Gerd FlaigAdapt to hunchentoot 1.0 API
2009-03-22 Gerd FlaigAdd mudballs definition
2009-01-18 Gerd FlaigAdd TODO origin/HEAD origin/net
2009-01-17 Gerd FlaigAlso send a line from the queue on c_flush
2009-01-17 Gerd FlaigFix special-command-p for empty lines
2009-01-17 Gerd Flaigfix reconnect
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigKill previous login per default origin/master
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigFix retry logic. Remove extraneous newlines in logging.
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigUse new command dispatcher
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigFix special command dispatch return
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigMake prompt stand out some more
2009-01-02 Gerd FlaigSpecial command dispatch. Log with object prefix.
2009-01-01 Gerd FlaigAdd logging package. Handle flush prompts.
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaiggrammar
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaigautomatic reconnect. handle more message types.
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaiguse slime debugger
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaighigher output density
2008-12-27 Gerd Flaigdefine with-session before usaeg
2008-12-26 Gerd Flaighandle-flush in play-mode
2008-12-21 Gerd Flaigreplace dojo byId by own version
2008-12-21 Gerd Flaigremember server on startup
2008-12-21 Gerd FlaigWrite command to terminal output. Scroll to bottom...
2008-12-21 Gerd FlaigRemove carriage return at end of default prompt
2008-12-21 Gerd Flaig*session* -> *empire-session* (clash with hunchentoot...
2008-12-20 Gerd Flaigremove key event logging (bogs down performance)
2008-12-20 Gerd Flaigensure session
2008-12-20 Gerd Flaigintroduce session objects
2008-12-20 Gerd FlaigHandle connection refused and closed
2008-12-19 Gerd FlaigAdd parenscript dependency
2008-12-14 Gerd FlaigInitial working command line
2008-11-29 Gerd FlaigForward prompt to browser
2008-11-29 Gerd Flaigconvenience
2008-11-29 Gerd FlaigAdd convience function 'send' to push javascript update...
2008-11-29 Gerd FlaigAdd thread safe queue. Use to push updates to client.
2008-11-23 Gerd FlaigREADME placeholder
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd basic Ajax test
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigmoved to setup
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd setup file
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd Dojo 1.1.1
2008-11-23 Gerd Flaigadd basic web module
2008-11-20 Gerd Flaigtest commands
2008-11-20 Gerd FlaigWeb package
2008-08-02 Gerd FlaigFix handle-data.
2008-08-02 Gerd FlaigIntroduce connection modes
2008-08-01 Gerd FlaigInitial checkin