client: Unbreak standalone build
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2021-01-23 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2021-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterNew macro ARRAY_SIZE()
2021-01-05 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2018-04-29 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2017-09-02 Markus ArmbrusterMake: Support shallow git clones for testing
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterMerge branch 'readline'
2017-08-06 Markus ArmbrusterInclude "file.h" where it's needed
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterupdate server: Move update_running from server/ to...
2017-07-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2015-12-05 Markus ArmbrusterChange comment style to use @foo rather than FOO
2015-02-28 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2014-02-16 Markus ArmbrusterClean up superfluous includes
2014-02-16 Markus ArmbrusterDelete trivial instances of /*NOTREACHED*/
2014-01-19 Markus Armbrustereconfig: New key running_test_suite, for use by tests
2014-01-06 Markus Armbrusterupdate: Set thread stack size to 512 KiB
2014-01-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2014-01-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2013-08-17 Markus Armbrusterserver: Grow small thread stacks from 50 KiB to 64 KiB
2013-05-08 Markus ArmbrusterFix PRNG seeding to resist guessing
2013-05-08 Markus ArmbrusterEncapsulate direct use of random(), srandom() in chance.c
2013-01-12 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2012-08-05 Markus ArmbrusterOpen journal before daemonizing, so we can fail in...
2012-06-10 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2012-04-26 Markus ArmbrusterRename play_lock back to update_lock
2012-04-26 Markus ArmbrusterFix synchronization between shutdown and player threads
2012-04-26 Markus ArmbrusterStart player thread shutdown grace time at shutdwn...
2012-04-26 Markus ArmbrusterClean up superfluous includes
2012-02-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix server shutdown to let player output drain properly
2012-02-21 Markus ArmbrusterClean up how quit and server shutdown trigger connectio...
2011-07-10 Markus ArmbrusterNew server option -F to force start even when state...
2011-07-10 Markus ArmbrusterGive init_server() internal linkage
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterFix xdump updates not to dump bogus extra updates
2011-04-14 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2011-04-12 Markus ArmbrusterLicense upgrade to GPL version 3 or later
2010-06-20 Markus ArmbrusterConvert spaces to tabs
2010-06-20 Markus ArmbrusterBreak long lines more tastefully
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterMove -h to the end of the emp_server -h output
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2009-12-13 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2009-11-30 Markus ArmbrusterMove Windows socket stuff out off posixio.c into w32soc...
2009-11-30 Markus ArmbrusterInclude <windows.h> from service.h to make it self...
2009-11-30 Markus ArmbrusterDelay shutdown up to 3s to let player output buffers...
2009-11-30 Markus ArmbrusterFix player thread race with update_init()
2009-11-30 Markus ArmbrusterSimplify checks whether player thread may sleep
2009-03-24 Markus ArmbrusterDon't use 0 as null pointer constant, part 2
2009-03-24 Markus ArmbrusterDon't use 0 as null pointer constant, part 1
2009-03-09 Markus ArmbrusterFix crash dump not to mess up streams
2009-02-18 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2009-02-08 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2009-02-01 Ron KoenderinkReimplement max_idle without a separate thread
2008-09-18 Markus ArmbrusterFix trailing whitespace
2008-09-12 Markus ArmbrusterExpire lost items at the update instead of continuously
2008-09-12 Markus ArmbrusterReplace econfig key lost_items_timeout by lost_keep_hours
2008-08-03 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2008-07-25 Markus ArmbrusterImplement wakeup of shutdown thread in shutdown_initiate()
2008-07-25 Markus ArmbrusterFix shutdown_initiate() not to start multiple shutdown...
2008-04-25 Markus ArmbrusterNew post_crash_dump_hook
2008-04-25 Markus ArmbrusterDetect and log errors in crash_dump()
2008-04-25 Markus ArmbrusterMove oops actions from log.c up to application
2008-04-21 Markus ArmbrusterNew server option -E to choose what to do on oops
2008-03-17 Markus ArmbrusterJournal the PRNG seed
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterSet timestamp automatically on write
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterInclude system headers before ours
2008-02-10 Markus ArmbrusterClean up initialization of empfile[]
2008-02-07 Markus ArmbrusterMake conftab.c independent of the current directory
2008-02-07 Markus ArmbrusterMake utility programs abort on internal error
2008-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2008-01-13 Markus ArmbrusterReplace .cvsignore files by .gitignore files
2007-10-27 Markus ArmbrusterKeep log open, rotate it just like the journal:
2007-10-23 Ron Koenderink(main, init_server, emp_server.6): Add -R command line...
2007-09-02 Ron Koenderink(update_sched): The indefinite sleep when there's no...
2007-08-19 Markus ArmbrusterDon't include direct.h, as our fake unistd.h now does...
2007-08-16 Markus ArmbrusterBack out the previous revision and remove the include...
2007-08-15 Ron KoenderinkInclude sys/uio.h unconditionally.
2007-08-14 Ron KoenderinkReal unistd.h declares getopt() & friends. Approximate...
2007-08-08 Markus ArmbrusterMoving getopt.h to src/lib/w32/ broke the Windows build...
2007-07-27 Markus Armbrusterupdates_disabled() moved to game.h, include it.
2007-07-25 Markus Armbruster(player_kill_idle): Don't kill hung player threads...
2007-07-24 Markus ArmbrusterRemove the concept of thread priorities from empthread...
2007-07-20 Markus Armbruster(shutdwn): Failed to set play_wrlock_wanted. This...
2007-07-20 Markus Armbruster(update_lock, play_lock, update_pending, play_wrlock_wa...
2007-07-18 Markus ArmbrusterNew xdump updates:
2007-07-17 Markus Armbruster(update_running): New.
2007-07-15 Markus Armbruster(s_p_etu): econfig key no longer used, remove.
2007-07-15 Markus ArmbrusterUse the new Empire clock for implementing MOB_ACCESS:
2007-07-13 Markus ArmbrusterComment.
2007-07-11 Markus ArmbrusterNew update scheduler:
2007-03-05 Ron Koenderink(main.c) [_WIN32,WIN32]: Remove the define WIN32.
2007-03-05 Ron Koenderink(init_server): Move log_init() before the mobility_init...
2007-02-08 Markus ArmbrusterRewrite how updates are triggered (closes #1504036):
2007-01-28 Markus Armbruster(lwpSetDesc): Unused, remove.
2007-01-21 Markus Armbruster(ef_open_srv, start_server): Journal must not be writte...
2007-01-21 Markus ArmbrusterFix server not to create a journal on SIGHUP when ...
2007-01-21 Markus Armbruster(PS_KILL): Nobody can observe this state, as player...
2007-01-21 Markus Armbruster(shutdwn): Take exclusive update lock for shutdown...
2007-01-20 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comment.
2007-01-20 Markus ArmbrusterAbstract from shutdown initiation mechanism:
2007-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterFix the previous revision.