client: Unbreak standalone build
[empserver] / include / file.h
2021-01-23 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2021-01-05 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2018-04-29 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2017-08-12 Markus ArmbrusterSpell ID and UID consistently all-caps
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterFix up a few identifier references in comments
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2017-08-07 Markus ArmbrusterMerge branch 'readline'
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterrelations: Create EF_RELAT table of struct relatstr
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterreject: Create EF_REJECT table of struct rejectstr
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrustercontact: Create EF_CONTACT table of struct contactstr
2017-08-06 Markus Armbrusterconfig: Add sect-chr flags, replace cost by flag "deity"
2017-07-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2015-02-28 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterfile: New ef_typedstr_eq(), factored out of obj_changed()
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterfile: Rename struct emptypedstr to ef_typedstr
2015-02-01 Markus Armbrusterfile: Provide EF_WITH_CADEF_MAX_ENTRY_SIZE to clean...
2014-02-16 Markus ArmbrusterRemove option TREATIES
2014-01-02 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2013-01-12 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2012-07-13 Markus ArmbrusterNew ef_nameof_pretty()
2012-06-10 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2011-07-10 Markus ArmbrusterSplit ef_verify() into ef_verify_config(), ef_verify_st...
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterFix empdump not to touch plane file when import fails
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterFix empdump not to grow game state files with fixed...
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterClean up how game state file sizes are checked
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterClean up how a view's base table is defined
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterChange struct empfile callback onresize() to return...
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterFix EFF_IMMUTABLE to include EFF_SENTINEL
2011-06-25 Markus ArmbrusterA few comment fixes for nsc.[ch] file.[ch]
2011-04-14 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2011-04-12 Markus ArmbrusterLicense upgrade to GPL version 3 or later
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterGeneration numbers to catch write back of stale copies
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStore sequence numbers more compactly
2010-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterStore uids as int to support more sectors and units
2009-02-08 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2008-09-18 Markus ArmbrusterFix trailing whitespace
2008-09-17 Markus ArmbrusterFix whitespace: space before tab
2008-09-09 Markus ArmbrusterNew struct empfile callback onresize
2008-09-09 Markus ArmbrusterRevive struct empfile callback init as oninit
2008-09-09 Markus ArmbrusterPass old element to empfile callback prewrite()
2008-09-09 Markus ArmbrusterFix comments added in commit bf436a44.
2008-09-04 Markus ArmbrusterMove view open/close into src/lib/common/file.c
2008-09-04 Markus ArmbrusterCheck argument of ef_cadef(), ef_nelem(), ef_flags...
2008-09-04 Markus ArmbrusterClean up maintenance of config table sentinels
2008-09-04 Markus Armbrusterstruct empfile doc fixes
2008-09-04 Markus ArmbrusterChange empfile members postread() and prewrite() to...
2008-05-17 Markus ArmbrusterAdd sequence numbers to game state
2008-05-17 Markus ArmbrusterFix files utility not to set timestamps
2008-05-17 Markus ArmbrusterMake server check game state file sizes on startup
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate known contributors comments
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterPut a timestamp into struct emptypedstr
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterVirtual selectors
2008-03-14 Markus ArmbrusterNew ef_truncate()
2008-03-05 Markus ArmbrusterNew ef_blank()
2008-03-05 Markus Armbrusterempfile's init callback is now unused, remove
2008-03-05 Markus ArmbrusterInitialize ef_type and uid automatically in ef_extend()
2008-03-05 Markus ArmbrusterNew empfile flag EFF_TYPED to signal struct empobj...
2008-02-26 Markus ArmbrusterReplace EFF_RDONLY by EFF_PRIVATE
2008-02-10 Markus ArmbrusterClean up initialization of empfile[]
2008-01-19 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice
2007-07-24 Markus ArmbrusterComment.
2007-07-18 Markus ArmbrusterNew xdump updates:
2007-07-14 Markus ArmbrusterNew Empire table game, to be used for global stuff:
2007-01-09 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice.
2006-08-13 Markus Armbruster(EF_IS_VIEW): New.
2006-07-10 Markus ArmbrusterBreak inclusion cycle: prototypes.h and commands.h...
2006-07-07 Ron Koenderink(nxtitemp, trade_getitem, trade_desc, trade_check_item_...
2006-06-04 Markus Armbruster(ichr, pchr, dchr, intrchr): Move initializer to new...
2006-06-01 Markus ArmbrusterSymbolic names for table entries in conditionals, close...
2006-05-18 Markus Armbruster(EF_NATION_REJECTS, nation_rejects): New.
2006-02-23 Markus Armbruster(EFF_CUSTOM): New.
2006-02-18 Markus Armbruster(empfile, SYMTAB): Reorder so that symbol tables are...
2006-02-18 Markus ArmbrusterNew way to read configuration tables:
2006-01-29 Ron Koenderink(EF_PAGE_HEADINGS, page_headings_symbols, M_NOTUSED...
2006-01-21 Markus ArmbrusterCOPYING duplicates information from README. Remove...
2006-01-17 Ron Koenderink(EF_SECTOR_NAVIGATION, sector_navigation): New.
2006-01-14 Markus Armbruster(EF_COUNTRY, cou_ca): New.
2006-01-13 Ron KoenderinkMove realms from the nation file into a new realms...
2006-01-10 Ron Koenderink(EF_BAD, EF_SECTOR, EF_SHIP, EF_PLANE, EF_LAND, EF_NUKE)
2006-01-05 Markus ArmbrusterUpdate copyright notice.
2006-01-04 Markus Armbruster(EF_NATION_STATUS, nation_status): New.
2005-12-31 Markus Armbruster(empfile, fileinit, lnd_init, lnd_postread, lnd_prewrit...
2005-12-31 Markus Armbruster(EF_RESOURCES, resources): New.
2005-12-29 Markus ArmbrusterNormalize inclusion guards: use NAME_H for name.h....
2005-11-30 Ron Koenderink(ef_init_srv): Add a call ef_verify() to verify game...
2005-11-13 Ron Koenderink(dchr_ca, packing, empfile): Add packing symbol table.
2005-11-12 Markus Armbruster(EF_MISSION_FLAGS, EF_MISSIONS, mission_flags, missions...
2005-11-12 Ron Koenderink(init_server, ef_load, xundump): Add ability to customi...
2005-11-09 Ron Koenderink(plane_flags, plane_ca): Add plane flags table.
2005-11-06 Ron Koenderink(empfile,mission_flags,ship_ca,land_ca,plane_ca): ...
2005-10-30 Markus Armbruster(empfile): Rename member ef_uid to uid for consistency...
2005-10-29 Markus Armbruster(ef_init, ef_init_srv): Rename old ef_init() ef_init_sr...
2005-10-29 Markus Armbruster(EF_TREATY_CHR, EF_TREATY_FLAGS): Rename for consistenc...
2005-10-29 Markus Armbruster(rpt): Add sentinel.
2005-10-28 Ron Koenderink(empfile): Add one to the array size for the sentinel...
2005-10-28 Markus Armbruster(EF_IS_GAME_STATE): New.
2005-10-27 Markus Armbruster(ef_byname_from): New.
2005-10-25 Ron Koenderink(empfile,mdchr_ca,meta_type,meta_flags):
2005-10-24 Markus Armbruster(EFF_STATIC): New.